Dreaming of Whales

Short Film

In Collaboration with Sebastian Jobst

Dreaming of Whales

Christel Veraart’s own experience of loss during Covid came with the unexpected death of German film maker Sebastian Jobst who passed away shortly after the two of them premiered their collaborative effort Dreaming of Whales at the 2021 Sedona ILLUMINATE Film Festival.

Newly created choreography to Dreaming of Whales is planned to premiere soon, to honor not only Sebastian’s memory but all of those that have experienced loss during these challenging past years of Covid. It is our hope that in doing so, an image of peace will allow us to remember our loved ones. An image of beautiful cetaceans carrying our loved ones out to sea.


Dreaming of Whales is a wonderful journey to both the whales and your own heart. The singing is so touching that it quickly transports me to a place where everything is connected. At this spiritual plane there is nothing one needs to understand anymore, as everything rather dissolves into a deep connection with all beings, –all whales. (Translation from German) 

 Doris Iding


The mood and theme of a song are what make it interesting, and Christel Veraart has this unique knack of imbibing the whole atmosphere around that theme while composing her music. It feels like she picks you up and transports right in the middle of that sonic flow–you feel the whole of your being wrapped in it.

— Vivek Kumar, New Music Alert

“The disarming & intense results of this highly creative reversal left this reviewer both speechless and in tears. Not since Claude Debussy’s La Mer, Ralph Vaughn Williams’ A Sea Symphony, and Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes has a composer so completely captured the mystery, majesty and inviting magic of the unworldly fluid depths whales call home…”

—  Russell Fox – Dreaming of Whales – Elevating Music & Film from Entertainment to Art


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