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Fac Me Vere Tecum Flere


Fac Me Vere Tecum Flere


Fac Me Vere Tecum Flere from Joseph Haydn’s Stabat Mater dates from 1767 and is among the earliest of this composer’s large-scale vocal works. In a new and orchestrated version, Christel Veraart combines the old and new, and gives this music her own, personal touch.

Although Christel performed Haydn’s aria live many times in Europe, Christel first recorded it at a live concert at Mission San Borja, hidden deep in the Sonoran desert in Mexico’s Baja California in 2007. This concert lead to the album Musica Sacra. Currently, a new album is in the making in which Christel will release a selections of orchestrated versions of this previous album.

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“Nothing else could be heard but Christel’s singing. It was amazing to hear the fineness of her voice and to see there, sitting in their pews, on the floor, on the stones, enchanted, astonished, the rancheros of the region, but also impresarios, some tourists, scientists, geologists, historians, housewives and people that love this region profoundly. It had been more than two hundred years that in this mission and all the others, God had been praised in this way. “

– Carlos Lazcano (El Vigia)


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