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Inner Landscapes

Inner Landscapes

Original Compositions & Lyrics

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of ‘Inner Landscapes,’ the debut album of original compositions by composer, singer, and lyricist Christel Veraart. This collection of songs captures the essence of far-away lands, reflecting the confluence of styles she has gathered during her years of travel.

With hauntingly evocative soundscapes, Veraart paints introspective portraits of distant landscapes, weaving a tapestry of rich and insightful melodies. Each track resonates with the unique imprint left by her journeys, offering a truly immersive musical experience that invites you to explore the depths of her artistic soul.






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“Inner Landscapes is a unique album. Each song comes from the depths of Christel Veraart’s soul. Listening to her music promotes a sense of well being, and takes you on an almost visceral trip. These songs draw you in, and are rewarding every time they are heard. Bravo, Christel!”

– Joe777 on Amazon

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