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Mirror of Love


Mirror of Love

Christel operates from a quiet place, a place where stories are born and voices are heard in the silence of her thoughts. She shares with Ken, a transformative mediator she met years ago in Mexico, the more introspective sides of life.

Lyrics by Ken McFarlane

Let your breath be light as you journey slowly. Let your breath be light as you journey gently. Let your breath be light to the innermost temple. Let your breath be light upon reflection.

Look at yourself with soft eyes and say; “love me”. Feel with an open heart and say: “cherish me”. Come forward with warm arms and embrace me.

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“They say no meeting is a coincidence but when a meeting turns into a relationship as fine as we have it is a blessing. I cried the first time I heard my words being sung by Christel’s beautiful voice. She captures exactly the quality that I feel when I compose the meditation.”

– Ken McFarlane


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