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Musica Sacra

Musica Sacra

Beloved Sacred Arias

Immerse yourself in the divine enchantment of Musica SacraBeloved Sacred Arias, an album that resonates with celestial melodies and reverent tones. Inspired by the tranquil beauty of Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico, where it premiered within the hallowed halls of Mission San Borja, this ethereal collection captures the essence of sacred devotion.

Each aria is a timeless testament to faith and spirituality, recorded in a setting where history and harmony harmoniously intertwine. Let the heartfelt vocals and resonant ambiance transport you to a realm of transcendent tranquility, where the sacred echoes through every note, and the spirit of the old mission illuminates each performance.





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“…La acústica de la misión es perfecta, por lo que la voz de Christel se escuchó clara y potente, de una manera maravillosa. A varios de los asistentes les pareció que estaban escuchando la voz de un ángel…”

– El Vigia, Ensenada, Carlos Lazcano

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