Title Song & Sound Design

The Child Behind the Eyes

“… I was very moved by your Viglid. Your music is enchanting and it brought back memories from my grandparents with whom I spoke Yiddish as a child. Although Hebrew is now our language in Israel, the world of the Jewish past still beats within my soul. I’m glad not everything is lost. Thank you for reviving this legacy through your music …”

Nava Semel, Playwright The Child Behind the Eyes

Title Song & Sound Design

In Collaboration with Nava Sarracino and Vivian Melde

The Child Behind the Eyes

In 2016, director Vivian Melde, actress Nava Sarracino and composer Christel Veraart presented The Child Behind the Eyes, by Israeli playwright Nava Semel. Viglid, The Title Song, composed and sung in Yiddish by Christel Veraart is available upon request in Hebrew and English.

The Child Behind the Eyes tells the story of a mother of a Down’s syndrome child on the night before he goes to school. Originally written in Hebrew, the play was translated in 10 languages and performed worldwide. This production was directed by Vivian Melde with original music composed by Christel Veraart. This production of The Child Behind the Eyes toured extensively in Alaska, Canada and also the Netherlands.

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Christel Veraart

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