Return of the Salmon


In Collaboration with Tim Plowden

Return of the Salmon

Captured amidst the stunning landscapes of Alaska The Return Of The Salmon is a short nature documentary. Collaboratively conceived in 2015, it saw the creative collaboration of videographer Tim Plowden and composer-narrator Christel Veraart. 

This co-production entwines melodic harmonies with visual eloquence, weaving a tapestry that recounts the poignant narrative of the salmon’s culminating voyage into Alaska’s expansive wilderness. Central to the documentary’s essence is the culmination of the salmon’s lifelong odyssey in Alaska—an exploration of its concluding chapter. 

“The mood and theme of a song are what make it interesting, and Christel Veraart has this unique knack of imbibing the whole atmosphere around that theme while composing her music. It feels like she picks you up and transports right in the middle of that sonic flow–you feel the whole of your being wrapped in it.”

– Vivek Kumar, New Music Alert


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Christel Veraart

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