The Child Behind the Eyes

In 2016, Vivian Melde, Nava Sarracino and Christel Veraart joined forces to present The Child Behind the Eyes, by Israeli playwright Nava Semel. This monodrama tells the story of a mother of a Down’s syndrome child on the night before he goes to school.

Originally written in Hebrew, the play was translated in 10 languages and performed worldwide. This production was directed by Vivian Melde, with original music  composed by Christel Veraart.

The team communicated extensively with Nava Semel in the developmentof this production. Semel wrote a Hebrew adaptation for Christel’s song composed especially for this production.

2019 Performances – Canada and Alaska

Nome, Alaska – September 27

Halifax Fringe Festival, Nova Scotia – August 29- September 8

2019 Performances – Alaska

June 19

Benefit Performance for Hope Studios

Church of Love, Anchorage

7:00 pm (doors open at 6.30)

After successful performances in 2016 in Alaska and Canada and in 2018 in The Netherlands The Child Behind the Eyes will be back in Anchorage as a Benefit Performance for Hope Studios.

2018 Performances – The Netherlands

Highlights performed in December 2018 in The Netherlands, at a Memorial Symposium celebrating the life and work of Nava Semel.

2016 Performances Alaska & Canada

Anchorage, Seward in Alaska, and at  Victoria Fringe Festival in Canada, Aug 19 – Sep 25 2016. The Anchorage performances for The Child behind the Eyes included audience discussions with the production team and  the executive director of Alaska Down Syndrome Congress and Stone Soup Group.