In a serendipitous twist, my composition Inua, conceived in the depths of Alaska as part of my album Polar Suite, found its perfect match when synchronized with Levi Holiman‘s “Fire Dance” captured on film. A harmonious collaboration unfolds in this captivating video as my music and the talents of cinematographer Levi Holiman, graphic designer Brian Hoddy, and light dancer Echo Forest seamlessly converge. Set against the enchanting backdrop of Sedona during the winter of 2023, the synergy between all artists involved yields a mesmerizing visual spectacle. 

Polar Suite, generously supported by the prestigious Alaskan Rasmuson Foundation, invites you to embark on an immersive sonic expedition that captures the essence of Alaska’s frozen grandeur. Polar Suite is a collection of cinematic music that draws its inspiration from the awe-inspiring Arctic landscapes of Alaska. Through sweeping orchestrations and enchanting melodies, each composition unveils a sonic panorama that mirrors the stark beauty and untamed spirit of the North.


The incantation Inua, from my album Polar Suite, encapsulates a reflection of the Arctic peoples’ profound belief in the equality of all life forms—human and animal alike. My compositions embodies the idea that every creature, from the majestic polar bear to the resilient human spirit, shares an equal and interconnected “life essence.” Inua serves as a reminder of the harmony that can be found when humans recognize their kinship with the natural world.

Inua from Polar Suite

Inua, the soul of Inuit culture, delves into the intricate tapestry of human, animal, and spirit connections within the unique Inuit civilization. Facing the unforgiving challenges of their northern terrain, the Inuit people mastered the art of survival and sustenance. While hunting and resourcefulness were pivotal, equally significant were the cultural taboos that ensured harmonious coexistence with their environment, especially animals and spirit entities.


Rooted in profound reverence, the Inuit worldview is a symphony of human-animal interdependence. Animals, revered as life-givers, offered sustenance, fur for attire, sinew for sewing, and versatile materials for survival. This intimate rapport extended to myths of transformative exchanges between humans and animals, highlighting a shared essence.

To procure from nature, utmost respect and observance of taboos were essential, as the soul or ‘Inua’ of animals communicated offense, resulting in scarcity. The land, a steadfast companion, stands at the crossroads of human and spiritual realms, exuding respect and spiritual vigilance. This exhibition captures the interplay of human and spiritual entities, mirroring the intricate respect and survival-driven connection uniting humans and animals. It’s a testament to the delicate equilibrium that defines Inuit existence.

Cinematographer Levi Holiman

Emerging from Santa Ana, California, Cinematographer Levi Holiman’s early exposure to cinematic classics like “Apocalypse Now” kindled the flames of his filmmaking passion, ultimately guiding him to the breathtaking vistas of Sedona, Arizona. In the short film “Inua”, Levi’s talents are portrait in conjunction with Graphic Designer and fire dancer Brian Hoddy who honed his skills in graphic design and marketing at Flagstaff’s NAU, adding a unique flair to the project. Echo Forest, the luminous counterpart in this dance of light, embarked on a path from psychology studies at the University of North Texas to becoming a human design specialist at Holographic Sound Healing.

Previously to this collaboration, Levi Holiman was the director of photography in the short film Merope, by Juan Carlos Zaldivar, produced by Winifred Muench and yours truly. Presented by Sedona Ballet and made possible through generous support from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Flinn Foundation, and the City of Sedona.

Proudly presented by Sedona Ballet, Merope (music from my album Pleiades) served as the inaugural spark igniting the flames of the Reflections Festival, a brand new initiative that celebrates the very best in the performing and visual arts, thus enriching Sedona and Arizona’s cultural life. Merope is currently premiering at Film Festivals worldwide. Read More