Best Poster Award

I’m delighted to share that our film “Merope,” directed by Juan Carlos Zaldivar and produced by Winifred Muench and myself, has won the “Best Poster” accolade at the Oniros Film Awards in New York.

The image on the poster is by photographer James Peterson, who is responsible for the hauntingly beautiful still imagery that was used in our film. You can see more of his images from our film here. Drawing on my side business in graphic design, I took charge of crafting our poster’s visual concept. You can find more examples of my work in graphic design here. As we celebrate the success of “Merope” and its recognition at the Oniros Film Awards, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible team of artists and collaborators who helped bring this film to life.

Oniros Film Awards®, is an International Monthly IMDb Qualifying competition that culminates in a public Screening Event in the heart of New York City every three months. Its platform is dedicated to honoring exceptional films and filmmakers from across the globe. Oniros’ mission is clear: to unearth outstanding, visionary cinema, to champion the works of talented filmmakers, and to serve as a crucial stepping stone in their professional journey. Anchored in the essence of dreams (ὄνειρος = oneiros, Dream in Ancient Greek), the Oniros Film Awards® is conceived by dreamers, for dreamers.

In Merope, the producers used the film medium itself to create the first iteration of Sedona Ballet’s Reflections Festival, inviting many artists across several arts disciplines —Photography, Music, Spoken Word and Visual Arts—to donate or create works inspired by Merope in one of the most beautiful places – Sedona.