Best Composer of the Future

I am thrilled to announce that I have been awarded the prestigious title of Best Composer of the Future at the Cannes World Film Festival for my music in the film Merope. The announcement was made via the official Cannes World Film Festival channels, where filmmakers and industry professionals gathered to celebrate outstanding achievements in cinema. I would like to extend my gratitude to all the artists who played a vital role in bringing the vision of “Merope” to life, helping to visualize the enchantment of the stars. Their collective efforts and creativity have contributed to the success of this project, and I am grateful for the collaborative spirit that permeated every aspect of the production. The theme of emancipation explored in “Merope” holds significant meaning for me.


As a Winner, ~ Merope ~ has been automatically entered in the Festival’s Annual Competition for a chance to become a Grand Winner and be screened in Cannes during the annual Award Ceremony. If Merope is chosen by the jury to be part of our “Best of Future” selections, I will inform you in due time of the date when it will be presented to the public at Cineum Cannes. If selected, the public will then get a chance to vote for their favorite films, best representing the Future Wave of Cinema. These votes are counted once a year and a “Best of Future – Audience Award” will be presented to the winner(s) of the year at our annual event.


Cannes World Film Festival

Cannes World Film Festival is a prestigious and globally recognized event that stands as an IMDb qualifying monthly and annual competition encompassing all genres for international filmmakers, screenwriters, composers, singers, bands, and more. This festival, symbolized by the “Luciole d’Or” (Golden Firefly), is on a mission to discover hidden treasures, spotlighting a New Generation of emerging talents and a Future Wave of Filmmakers who deserve increased visibility and recognition.

The Cannes World Film Festival – Remember the Future has evolved into an unmissable cultural phenomenon of international significance, garnering immense success among the new generation. Acknowledged by professionals in the realms of cinema, music, and international press, it also captivates the attention of the older generation.

This festival has become a platform for globally acclaimed stars and celebrities, with past awardees including luminaries such as Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, Yoko Ono, H.H The Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Jennifer Lopez, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Jon Voight, Malcolm McDowell, Eric Roberts, Tippi Hedren, David LaChapelle, Lance Henriksen, Lindsay Wagner, Michael Madsen, Anita Ekberg, Lambert Wilson, and many more. The Cannes World Film Festival continues to be a beacon for cinematic excellence, fostering a diverse and inclusive celebration of the art of filmmaking.