Christel Veraart – Resume
Composer / Musician / Singer
Born: The Netherlands
Resident: Anchorage, Alaska
Influences: Ambient, Classical, Cinematic, Classical Avant-Garde

Formal Education
2013, Certificate of Orchestration, Berklee School of Music, Orchestration I, Boston, USA
1983-1991, MA in Music, Conservatory of Music, Piano Studies, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Private Studies
1992-2000, Vocal Training, Academy for the Arts, Eysden, The Netherlands
1996, Private Vocal Studies, London, United Kingdom
1995, Vocal Training, Heresford, United Kingdom
1995, Piano Studies, Heresford, United Kingdom
1994, Song Interpretation, Fundación Argentina, Paris, France
1987-1988, Piano Studies, Conservatorio Lopez Buchardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Awards and Scholarships
2016, Alaska State Council of the Arts, Career Opportunity Grant
2016, Accolade Global Film Competition/Award of Merit- Original Score ‘Winter Solstice’
2016, Accolade Global Film Competition/Award of Recognition – Music Video ‘Winter Solstice’
2015, IndieFEST Film Awards/Award of Merit – Original Score ‘Alyeska’
2015, IndieFEST Film Awards/Award of Merit – Music Video ‘Alyeska’
2015, IndieFEST Film Awards/Award of Merit -‘Return of the Salmon’, soundtrack by Christel Veraart
2015, Alaska International Film Awards/Best of Alaska Award -‘Return of the Salmon’, soundtrack by Christel Veraart
2014, Individual Artist Award, Rasmuson Foundation, USA
1999-2000, Grant for Writing Biography Cora van Millingen, Dutch Government
1992-2000, Scholarship for Vocal Studies (8 years) at Academy for the Arts, Dutch Government
1995, Grant for Vocal Studies, Heresford Summer School, United Kingdom
1983-1991, Scholarshap for Piano Studies (8 years), Conservatory of Music, Dutch Government

CD Albums
2015, Polar Suite, Original Compositions
2013, Arctic Aquarelles, Piano Meditations
2013, A World of Christmas, Christmas Songs from Around the World
2012, Inner Landscapes, Original Compositions
2007, Musica Sacra, Classical Arias
1998, Terra Incognita, South American Art Songs

Other Audio and Video Recordings


2017 – ‘Blessings’, a wedding song

2016 – Sound design for “The Child Behind the Eyes”, a monodrama by Nava Semel.
2016 – ‘Viglid’, Yiddish version of title song for title song for monodrama ‘The Child Behind the Eyes’, by Nava Semel

2016 – ‘Shir Eres’, Hebrew version of title song for monodrama ‘The Child Behind the Eyes’, by Nava Semel

2016 – ‘Lullaby’, English version of title song for monodrama ‘The Child Behind the Eyes’, by Nava Semel
2016 – Cosmic Tales
2015 – Soundtrack for nature documentary ‘The Return of the Salmon’ by Tim Plowden
2014 – Soundtrack for nature documentary ‘Arctic Ground Squirrel and the Circadian Clock’ by Frontier Scientists, Anchorage, USA
2011-present, Music Videos
2007, Audio Recording, Song Recital, Erickson Hall, UCSD San Diego, USA
2007, Video/Audio Recording, Recital, San Francisco de Borja Adac, Mexico
2003, Music for DVD “Phage Lambda – Foundations of Molecular Genetics”
2003, Video/Audio Recording, Song Recital, Sambeek, The Netherlands
2000, Audio/Video Recording, Song Recital, Angra dos Reis, Brazil
1991-1997, Audio Recording, Jazz Trio Alazán, The Netherlands
1991, Audio/Video Recording, Theatre Production ‘De Vijfde Doet Het Licht Uit’, The Netherlands
1989-1990, Audio Recording, Final Exams Piano, The Netherlands

Live Performances (excerpt)
2012, Launching Inner Landscapes, The Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, USA
2009, Song Recital, Centerlight Gallery, La Jolla, USA
2008, Song Recital, UCSD, San Diego, USA
2007, Launching Musica Sacra, Tutto Italiano, La Jolla, USA
2007, Concert Sacred Arias, Mission San Francisco de Borja Adac, Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico
2006, Song Recital, Het Klooster, Grubbenvorst, The Netherlands
2005, Song Recital, Greene Music, San Diego, USA
2004, Song Recital, Sambeek, The Netherlands
2001, Concert Sacred Arias, Convento do Carmo, Angra dos Reis, Brazil
1999, Launching Terra Incognita, Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht, The Netherlands
1998, Song Recital, Burgberg, Germany
1997, Concert, Coronation Mass (alto soloist) Mozart, LSO, OLV Basilique, Maastricht, The Netherlands
1996, Song Recital, Heresford, United Kingdom
1995, Soloist Performances Cantata Geist und Seele wird Verwirret / J.S Bach, LBE, The Netherlands
1991, Theatre Performances ‘De Vijfde Doet het Licht Uit’, Maastricht, The Netherlands
1991-1999, Performances Jazz Trio Alazán, Germany / Belgium / The Netherlands
1991-1998, Song Recitals, Stolberg Auditorium, Stolberg, Germany
1989-1990, Piano Recitals, Final Exams, Conservatory of Music, Maastricht, The Netherlands
1984-1992, Piano Recitals, The Netherlands

Teaching Experience
2001-2010, Piano/Voice Teacher, SeaMuse Studios, La Jolla, USA
1999-2000, Voice Teacher, Convento do Carmo, Angra dos Reis, Brazil
1991-1998, Piano/Voice Teacher, Musikschule Stolberg, Germany
1989-1990, Piano/Voice Teacher, Yamaha Musikschule, Kleve, Germany
1984-1999, Piano/Voice Teacher, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Other Ventures
2011, Launching of Creative Clinics, student focused multimedia projects
2012, Soundscape Cards, greeting cards with downloadable mp3 music
2012, Touched by Land, Sea & Sky, writings and music, combined with Alaskan images

Language Skills
Dutch, Native Speaker
English, Fluent
Spanish, Fluent
German, Fluent
Portuguese, Comprehensive
French, Comprehensive