Chasing the Shape of Sound Around the World

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A couple of weeks ago, I sat down for an interview with Tim Perry, a journalist from Sedona Red Rock News as he was conducting an article about me for Lifestyles of Sedona Magazine, the biannual publication his paper releases in spring and fall. This magazine features stories on people, organizations, and institutions that define Sedona. In his article, Perry focuses on my 10 albums, my musical journey, my extensive studies in music across the globe, drawing inspiration from the places I have lived and the diverse cultures that have shaped my artistic vision.

Another focal point of Perry’s piece is my collaboration with Winifred Muench of Sedona Ballet, as we embark on creating the Reflections Festival—a platform designed to celebrate all the arts. This ambitious project underscores our commitment to fostering creativity and artistic expression within the community and beyond. Our first project is the award winning film Merope.

The Lifestyles of Sedona article weaves in anecdotes I shared with him, offering readers a glimpse into the creative process behind my music. Perry wove in some anecdotes I shared with him, among which the one about writing in Yiddish and even Hebrew, asking a rabbi for help as I couldn’t speak either language. This resulted in the singles Viglid, Shir Eres and Lullaby.

The article also focuses on my upcoming album Nostalgia and book Santa Fe and Esmeralda, both reflections on Argentina, a place I once called home.

Chasing the Shape of Sound Around the World – Online Version